Maintenance and Management Technology of Thermal Ball Valve

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The correct use, installment and maintenance of Ball Valves is extremely crucial, and it is also a web content that heating business should refer to when developing operating procedures. Scientific monitoring as well as upkeep of ball valves throughout the construction period can not just guarantee security, however also lower construction and also procedure management. The price of the duration, mostly take note of the complying with aspects:


1. Utilize the right method to tons as well as dump the shutoff to avoid mechanical damage to the valve. When raising the valve, the training strap can not be connected to the valve stem or actuator for training. If the shutoff is operated in infraction of laws, it will cause the valve stem to flex, the shutoff stem seal failure and the generator The box was damaged.


2. Prior to the valve leaves the factory, blind plates or caps need to be sealed on both ends of the shutoff to avoid water, sand, and other impurities on the construction website from entering the shutoff dental caries throughout transportation and on the building site, triggering damages as well as rust to the seal.


3. At the construction website, the Valves should be placed neatly and need to not be placed arbitrarily, which will trigger the shutoff drainpipe shutoff or grease shot shutoff to be broken and damaged.


4. Before the welding construction of the totally Welded Ball Valve, verify that the valve is welded in the completely employment opportunity to avoid welding spatter from triggering damages to the round and also damaging the securing surface. The welding temperature level of the shutoff seat is managed at 140 degrees.


5. After finishing the water pressure test, drain the water from the shutoff tooth cavity to prevent corrosion and topping.


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