Pneumatic Marine Fender

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D2.5m x L4.0m Pneumatic Marine Fender Used For Terminal Dock Protection


What is the difference between a ship's fender and a dock's fender?

What is a ship's fender?

A ship's fender is an inflatable fender suspended from the ship's side and placed on a fender pedestal on the deck or deflated on the deck while the ship is sailing.When a vessel is docked or comes into contact with another vessel, place ropes or chains at both ends into contact.

Marine fender is now equipped with many large ships sailing necessary products.

When a ship is docked at a wharf or platform, where there is no suitable rubber fender to protect it from collision, a ship's fender shows its usefulness.The rubber fender is pressurized to the specified pressure, and placed on the ship and wharf, platform and other places where berthing needs protection, so as to best protect their ships.

The two vessels need to be kept at a safe distance from each other, so the fender needs to be placed between them to prevent the surge of the sea from pushing the vessels too close together.

What is wharf fender?

A jetty fender is an inflatable rubber fender suspended on the side of a jetty or platform and placed into the water when a ship is docked.Leave enough space for the fender to rotate and unload.When not in use should be deflated to receive no direct sunlight, away from the place of acid and alkali.

Marine fender is the same as wharf fender:

Both serve the same purpose: to cushion ships while they are docked.

Differences between ship fender and wharf fender:

The place of suspension is different. The ship's fender is suspended from the ship, and the wharf fender is generally connected by the traction ring of the wharf.


pneumatic floating fenders become an ideal ship protection medium used extensively by large tankers, LPG vessels, ocean platforms, large docks, harbour and wharf. Exported to many countries like Germany, Norway, Argentina, Vietnam, Brazil, America, Denmark, Finland, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Croatia and more.

High product quality and reasonable costing drives their adoption in the global market and are increasingly preferred as the No.1 alternative to the Yokohama brand.

Pneumatic Marine Boat Dock Fenders Tear Resistance 0

Fender production Line


We buy raw material natural rubber(from Tailand , Vietnam, Yunnan ) , carbon black , SBR , etc . Then Mix them as the rates(which can make sure the performance of airbags and fenders) , after machine mixing and calendering , then we can see the fabric rubber layer and rubber plate . Now the workers can use them to produce the airbags and fenders . After then , we send the products to the vulcanizer to finished vulcanization . Then we will inflate the products to check the air leakage . If no problem we will packing them , waiting to ship to u .

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