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The multilayer particle board production line equipment

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Brand: xymj
型号: The multilayer particle board production line equipment
Price: Negotiable
Delivery: Shipment within 3 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2018-01-31 14:27
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Company Detail
General Introduction
Particleboards are produced by pressing wooden materials such as small-diameter logslog coresbranchesslabscrushed veneer, etc. and non-wooden materials such as bagasseflax wastecotton stalks, etc. into specification boards. They are widely used in such trades as furniturebuildingpackageinterior fixing ofvehicles and shipsmanufacture of casings of sound systems and TV sets, etc.

Our production lines produce particleboards in the following sequence: shavings are prepared by first chipping and then flaking or by flaking directly with long timber. After the shavings are dried, according to technology,they are separated into surface and core shavings, which are measuredglued separately, and are made into specification products by airflow (mechanically graded) formed, single (multi) layer hot press, trimmedand crosscut . The production lines feature good material adaptability, low glue consumption, uniform forming, high processing precision, sound physical mechanics product, high mechanical strength, smooth surface , easy surface decoration and treatment, etc.

Our plant is the earliest and largest supplier of wooden and non-wooden complete particleboard equipments in the industry. We have accumulated a wealth of experience on designingmanufacturing and adjusting of particleboard production lines, and constantly have been absorbing the advanced technology of other countries, produced complete particleboard equipments are advanced in technology and are suitedto national conditions, they boast these merits: (1) the glue mixing and supplying system feature both volume and weight measurement, computer controlling, which ensures exact and uniform glue and reduces production costs; (2) airflow forming or mechanically graded forming is adopted, whichensures a fine inner structure and a close texture of board surface; (3) the optimized hot press is made of superior materials, which ensures fine rigidity, long service life and high working precision of long standing; (4) thecaterpillar lengthwise feeder of the trim-and-crosscut union saw ensures straight edges of trimmed panels, which are high in dimension precision; (5) the production line adopts PLC programmable controllers, which ensures reliable performance and high automation.

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