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Supply thrust roller bearing thrust roller bearing

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Supply thrust roller bearings
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Thrust roller bearings are separable bearings, such bearings rigid large space is extremely small, can withstand large axial load, and low sensitivity to impact load. The structure type can be divided into thrust cylindrical roller bearings thrust tapered roller bearings and spherical roller thrust bearings, three. Such bearing retainer plate can be machined and pressed into a solid. Thrust cylindrical roller bearings and tapered roller thrust bearings allow low speed, often used in the thrust bearing can not use the occasion, and spherical roller thrust bearings can not only carry axial load can withstand a radial load and can be heavy load situations, allows the rotational speed is higher.

my company bearing variety, the whole model, there is applicable to all industries machinery and equipment used in bearings, bearing products:
Textile machinery bearings, textile machinery bearings, motor bearings, generator bearings, gear bearings, water pump bearings, boilers, bearings, auto bearings, mining equipment, bearings, hydraulic machinery bearings, press bearings, elevator bearings, cement bearings, wastewater treatment plant equipment, bearings, heavy-duty industrial bearings, machine tool spindle bearings, bearing medical equipment, automation equipment, bearings, food processing equipment, bearings, powder metallurgy bearings, automobile clutch bearings, mining equipment, bearings, bearing plant, refrigeration equipment, bearings, metallurgy equipment, bearings, compressor bearings, hook bearing, mill bearings, machine tool bearings top, fan bearings, gear bearings, automotive bearings, agricultural machinery bearings, bearings of construction machinery, metallurgical machinery and equipment, paper machinery bearings, large machinery and equipment bearings, drive shaft bearings, solid self-lubricating bearings.

Detailed bearing models and prices, please call us, fax, Tradelink, MSN, QQ drawings offer a variety of ways, to discuss concrete cooperation matters.

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