Waste Bottle Recycling

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after processing the generated PET pellets to be re-made PET related products, such as chemical fiber textile raw materials, PET sheet materials, plastic injection molding and other raw materials. At present, domestic and supporting technology are more perfect, the only weak link is the PET recycling particles thickening technology, and can be directly related to thickening recycled PET granules performance. The project technology breaks through the bottleneck of this technology, as the value of recycled PET particles opens room for improvement. PET renewable particles reactive extrusion equipment Condensation core equipment is φ90mmPET renewable particles polycondensation reaction extruder, its main feature is a good solution to the molecular chain degradation of polyester chips in the recovery process, the intrinsic viscosity decreases, and input and output ratio unreasonable problems. The application of a series of high-tech equipment, can fully make PET an increase of viscosity in the recovery, recycling particles to improve the quality, meet the relevant standard PET new material. Features integrated physical and chemical methods, in molten state by adding a chain extender molecules have been degraded chain reaction, National Cheng Kung University to re-chain molecules, and thus significantly improve the performance of recycled PET granules. The main innovations are: a high aspect ratio using a reaction extruder, PET bottles can significantly increase the intrinsic viscosity; b screw extruder to achieve a high vacuum polycondensation reaction and the material melted. mixing the same time, significant savings in energy consumption;. c pollution, continuous production, large processing capacity, economic objective. Here we discuss the "PP woven bag recycling" refers to waste suitable for the production of woven plastic waste. This is waste material using a single species, is relatively high, it can not be mixed with other varieties of plastic, not containing sediment, debris, and other mechanical impurities, having a melt index requirements (not any in the range of 2 - 5 pp plastics are available). Its main sources are the two PP woven bag production process waste; the second is abandoned pp bag recycling materials, such as fertilizer bags, feed bags, salt bags, and so on. Then their regeneration methods, what does? 1, regeneration methods which are mainly two kinds of melted pellets and extrusion granulation method, extrusion granulation method most. Flow both ways follow.
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