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 golf ball field two "original sin": high water consumption high pollution golf ball field, high water consumption, high pollution water industry
 high water consumption, high pollution is the golf ball field is very high water consumption, high water pollution, high water pollution, Criticized the two "original sin". The industry said, grabbed the ball of water ball is the lifeblood of the ball ball is broken. Reporters learned that in recent years, golf ball field everywhere in the flowering, some serious lack of water is not suitable for the development of golf ball areas are also blindly construction, illegal coverage, high water and high pollution problems, and the relevant departments and local governments "Open one eye close one eye", and golf ball field "tacit understanding". It is understood that an 18-hole golf ball field with an annual average of about 400,000 tons of water. Chinese Academy of Engineering, water resources expert Wang Hao said that many domestic stadium design only pay attention to ornamental and the use of the effect of the late water to consider too little. Industry sources, in the golf ball industry, a well-known "secret" is that some golf ball field extraction of groundwater as lawn irrigation water, and some built in the river next to the golf ball field through the way to extract groundwater, There are many dark wells, free extraction of groundwater. Not only attempt to free water, more golf ball field construction in the river, reservoir surroundingsGolf Balls Manufacturer, Golf Bag Manufacturers, Custom and wholesale golf balls, personality golf ball. 
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