how to make a golf ball

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 it is difficult on the ladle price of the company's impact to make predictions. What is the profitability of the enterprise? In this regard, Beijing Holdings Co., Ltd. Zhang Honghai, vice chairman of the board, said the government's management of water, business is only the middle part of the equivalent of the government to provide services, not profits, but can not lose money. "To stimulate the demand for reclaimed water, the impact of seawater desalination limited water prices to stimulate the market demand for the city's second water, recycled water and non-residential water, special industry, the huge spread of water will be" Directly affect the market procurement behavior, Founder Securities stakeholders believe that the progress of the national recycling water market will accelerate. Beijing Municipal Government issued a "three-year action plan to speed up the construction of sewage treatment and reclaimed water utilization facilities in Beijing". According to the current construction situation, Beijing reclaimed water plant under construction scale of 1.94 million tons, planning and construction of 260,000 tons, the overall size of 2.2 million tons, of which membrane construction investment or 5.5 billion yuan. In accordance with the national "second Five Year Plan" refers to 15% of the utilization rate of recycled water, by 2015 the national film construction market or will reach 50 billion. Although water prices have narrowed the gap between tap water prices and desalination costs, the cost of reclaimed water is much lower than desalination. At the same time, the sewage treatment plant basically covers the country set up the city area, reclaimed water plant construction close to the sewage treatment plant, water is not limited. While the general desalination project needs to be established in coastal areas or island cities, the service radius of its products is limited. Recycled water as the city's second water source advantage is obvious, but the ladder water price on the desalination industry is also limited. (IPhone / iPad and Android versions are on the line, mutual subscription account. Welcome to our WeChat public account water industry mall hcwater.): Hao Shuang Kelii sports. are Chinese Golf Ball Manufacturers, Golf Clubs Manufacturers,

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