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 In contrast, the national bank firmware pricing is slightly higher, and content pricing is relatively reasonable. Sales channels and pre-sale situation: XboxOne will use China Telecom's sales channels, the major sales platform for electricity, Microsoft China official mall, Wal-Mart and other sales. At present, the major business platform are vigorously promote the Xbox pre-sale activities, as of August 7, Jingdong platform, the number of successful booking for the 10625 people, Microsoft days cat flagship store pre-sale 1381 units, and taking into account the official website of Microsoft China, the United States , Suning, Wal-Mart and other sales channels, a conservative estimate in the September 23 official sales will be accumulated before the order of about 50,000 units. XboxOne for the Chinese market to do a series of adjustments to the product and content pricing system to adjust, and a large number of integrated domestic game content to promote localization. The domestic host market perennial in a "semi-blockade" state, and XboxOne's official sales are expected to become the market's living water, for the market into vitality. BesTV will benefit directly. (CIBN) launched the "Smart Family Entertainment Alliance" (TEA): the country is one of the seven domestic OTT integrated license, but started late. Kona, TEA and TEA are the first sponsors of TEA. The Alliance will jointly try to develop software and hardware standards for Internet video games. Publish Internet TV Wisdom Life Strategy. Guangdong is in addition to CNTV, BesTV, China, Mango TV, the recent more active OTTTV integrated license business. Compared with other licensees, competitiveness is limited, the high-profile announcement of the wisdom of life strategy, the establishment of intelligent family entertainment alliance, is its increase in industrial layout, and actively develop a significant signal. As the content advantage is not significant, so the game business to high expectations. TV games become the next opportunity for the OTT industry: regulators to increase the content of the OTT industry supervision, causing the industry to pay more attention to the video game market.Kelii sports. are Chinese Golf Ball Manufacturers, Golf Clubs Manufacturers,

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