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specification: An order needs customization
Main material: Galvanized steel pipe
Tent cloth: PVC coated cloth
Price: Negotiable
Min.Order: 1 set
Delivery: Shipment within 10 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2018-01-09 12:09
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Company Detail
push-pull tent, Wheeled tent,iron framework combined with waterproof fabric, available anytime and anywhere, removable telescopic gradually turned on or off to use for the channels, docks, squares, warehouses, freight yard, logistics, warehouse, shop with you can use this Use of the product easy to assemble, easy packaging and transportation used to shade Zheyu, size variety. anranr factory manufacturing, sales and service

Name: push and pull the tent
Skeleton Material: Galvanized steel pipe
Skeleton Specifications:
1. The main column: 60/76 * 1.2mm
2. The main arc: 20/25 * 40/50 * 1.2mm
3. Main frame base: 40/50 * 40/50 * 1.2mm
4. Cross bar: 20/25 * 40/50 * 1.2mm
5. Wheel: 5-inch multi-angle wheel
Fabric: pvc coated cloth / plastic canvas
Fabric color: a variety of optional
Features: Durable Shrink flexible and convenient
Product Size: According to customer requirements (size / material) custom
Product use: factory warehouse / food stalls / outdoor parking
Measurement Notes:

1. The length of the longest stretchable distance, affected by the installation, the actual length of the product than the custom size of about 10-20mm short

2. The width of the span, the widest 15 meters can be done without the middle of the column, the actual width of the product on both sides of the column outside the distance.

Purchase notice
     1. To specify the size and use you require, we are able to accept orders for customer samples for the specified design, specifications and packaging requirements.
     2. The company's products where cross-regional logistics, if damaged, all damaged items to be covered.
     3. In the use of defective parts and screws, free of charge to my factory can apply for mailing!
     4. Where the second one to my factory procurement, may be given 9.5 discount!
     5 freight to the bill of lading prevail.
Because of the relatively large size of the company's products, only through the logistics and freight to deliver, the general need for buyers to the local shipping company delivery, for delivery, the local shipping company will charge a certain delivery costs, (the specific costs and local freight Company details).

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