Aluminum alloy folding tent, tent factory in Guangzhou customized

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Brand: anranr
specification: An order needs customization
Main material: Stainless steel, aluminum, customized according to need
Tent cloth: Oxford cloth
Price: Negotiable
Min.Order: 1 set
Delivery: Shipment within 7 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2018-01-10 17:14
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Company Detail
Guangzhou folding tents company, 16 years professional tents factory, quality assurance, convenient transportation. Guangzhou folding tent factory manufacturing products are: 3 * 3 tents, tents, tents, advertising tents, black steel tents, platinum tents, aluminum folding tents, folding stainless steel tents, tents folding pipe, the full range of specifications. Guangzhou folding tents company, set production, manufacturing, sales and installation in one, to create one-stop tent service.

   Advertising tents are mainly used for exhibitions and exhibitions, product promotions, night market stalls, advertising, celebrations, open-air banquet, tourism and leisure, disaster relief, field operations.
Tent Specifications: (Unit: m)
2 × 2,2 × 3,2 × 4,2.5 × 2.5,3 × 3,3 × 4.5,3 × 6,4 × 4, common specifications are 3 × 3, other specifications, can be customized according to the order requirements.

    Advertising tent tent color:
Common is red, blue, yellow, green, orange, black, white and other bright colors, of course, there are mixed colors.

Black King Kong tent stand (the surface grilled black matte paint treatment), ordinary steel (the surface of baking white paint treatment), aluminum tent bracket (surface anti-oxidation treatment).

    Advertising tent features
    Installed in 1,1 minutes, lightweight and durable, easy to carry, retractable, retractable props adjustable tent height, suitable for different environments and terrain, simple and solid. Disassembly easy to carry, you can quickly fold when folded, PVC Oxford waterproof sunscreen, durable and easy to clean, complete specifications, a variety of colors.
    2, all products imported double needle sewing, the appearance of a sense of water chestnut, three-dimensional sense of wind stronger, more solid and durable.
    3, the function of the tent
      (2) Convenient rope Pull sandbags or nails to prevent wind damage to the tent, play a windbreaker.
    4, the roof of the car inside the car has a layer of lining cloth, double roof more wear-resistant and durable.
    5, pole height is 1 meter, drain more smoothly, vertical 32 cm, can print.

 Purchase notice
     1. To specify the size and use you require, we are able to accept orders for customer samples for the specified design, specifications and packaging requirements.
     2. The company's products where cross-regional logistics, if damaged, all damaged items to be covered.
     3. In the use of defective parts and screws, free of charge to my factory can apply for mailing!
     4. Where the second one to my factory procurement, may be given 9.5 discount!
     5 freight to the bill of lading prevail.
Because of the relatively large size of the company's products, only through the logistics and freight to deliver, the general need for buyers to the local shipping company delivery, for delivery, the local shipping company will charge a certain delivery costs, (the specific costs and local freight Company details).

   Guangzhou, China AnRuiEr Tent Factory,  customize your exclusive tents according to your order, we can accept the customer's designated design, specifications and packaging requirements of the sample orders.
Our website is: hppt: //, which covers the six series 285 tents cases, there is always a suitable for you. All you need to do is to find the picture of the product you need on the website and send it to us with the required specifications and the choice of fabric and color of the tent. We will send you a detailed plan according to your detailed information.
More You are welcome to consult us in the following ways
Factory Website:
Business Mobile: 138221 96980.
Service Tel: 020-3638 1609
National Direct: 400-608-3958
Business Services, the deduction number: 2698203238
Factory Address: Shijing Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, No. 968 Shisha
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