Electromagnetic Flow Meter

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Model: CJDC01

Product Introduction

Intelligent Electromagnetic Flow Meter is composed of sensor and converter. It is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. It is used to measure the volume flow of conductive liquid with conductivity greater than 5s/cm. It is an inductive instrument for measuring volume flow of conductive medium, besides measure the volume flow rate of general conductive liquids, it can also be used to measure the volumetric flow rate of strong liquid and strong corrosive liquids such as strong acid and strong alkali, and even liquid solid two phase suspension liquid such as slurry, pulp and pulp. It is widely used in oil, chemical, metallurgy, textile, papermaking, environmental protection, food and other industrial sectors and municipal management, water conservancy construction, river dredging and other areas of flow measurement.


Working Principle

According to Faraday's principle of electromagnetic induction, a pair of detection electrodes installed in the pipe wall is vertical pipe axis and the magnetic field and measurement, when the conductive liquid moves along the axis of the measuring tube, conductive liquid cuts magnetic lines to induce Induced Electromotive Force, the Induced Electromotive Force is detected by two electrode detection, and the flow rate is proportional to its value. For value is

E=B x V x D x K

In the form:

E- Induction potential K-Coefficient related to the distribution of the magnetic field and the axial length D-Electrode spacing (measuring the diameter of the tube)  B- magnetic induction intensity  V-average flow velocity of conductive liquid

The sensor takes the induced potential E as a flow signal and sends it to the converter. After a series of digital processing such as amplification, transformation and filtering, instantaneous liquid flow and accumulated flow are displayed in dot matrix LCD with backlight. The converter has 4 to 20mA, alarm and frequency output, and has RS-485 and other communication interfaces to support the HART and MODBUS protocols.



The measurements are not affected by the changes in the density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and electrical conductivity of the fluid.

There is no pressure loss in the measurement tube, and the requirement of the straight pipe section is low. It has a unique adaptability to the measurement of slurry.

The rational selection of electrode and lining material, that is, has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

Full digital processing, strong anti-interference ability, reliable measurement, high precision, flow measurement range ratio of up to 150:1

The ultra low EMI switching power supply is suitable for large change range of power supply voltage and good performance against EMI.

Using 16 bit embedded microprocessor, the operation speed is fast, the precision is high, the programmable frequency is low frequency rectangular wave excitation, and the stability of the measurement is improved and the power consumption is low.

The reliability of the circuit is high by using SMD device and surface mounting (SMT) technology.

There is no movable part in the pipe, no flow component, and there is little additional pressure loss in the measurement.

In the field, the range can be modified online according to the actual needs of the user.

The measurement results have nothing to do with the distribution of flow velocity, fluid pressure, temperature, density, viscosity and other physical parameters.

High definition backlight LCD display, all Chinese menu operation, easy to use, easy to operate, easy to learn and easy to understand.

With R5485, RS232, HART and Modbus Profibus-DP and other digital communication signal output (selection).

It has the function of self examination and self diagnosis.

Hourly total recording function, recording the total amount of flow in an hour, suitable for time sharing measurement system (selection)

The internal rearing three integrators can display the reverse cumulant and the difference value of the positive cumulant respectively. There is a power drop clock in the inside, and the 16 times of power fall can be recorded. (Selection)

Infrared hand-held operator, 115KHZ communication rate, all functions of remote non-contact operation converter (optional)


Product Application

Water supply engineering, sewage treatment engineering and other flow monitoring.


Technical Parameter

Tube Diameter:     from 300 to 3000mm

Velocity Range:     from 0.1 to 10m/s

Accuracy:          0.5-10m/s, + 1.5%FS, 0.1 to 0.5m/s, and + 2.0%FS 0.1-10m/s, +


Electrical conductivity: > 5 mu s/cm

Straight Tube Upstream 5DN, Townstream 3DN

Medium temperature:  -20°C~ +130°C

Ambient temperature:  -20°C~ +60°C

The pressure:         ≤1.6Mpa 

Protection grade:      IP65 (intagratation), IP68 (divided)

Electrode Material:    316L stainless steel

Output signal:         4-20mA; RS485; HART protocol; MODBUS protocol

Sensor material:       stainless steel

Working Power:        220VAC; tolerances of 15% or 24VDC, the ripple≤ 5%

Power:                6.5W

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