Turbine Flow Meter

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Model: LWGY


LWGY Turbine Flow Meter is a new generation of turbine flow meter, which absorbs the advanced technology of flow meters at home and at abroad, and has the characteristics of simple structure, light            weight, high accuracy, good reproducibility, sensitive response, easy installation and maintenance. It is matched with the display instrument with special functions.It can also carry out quantitative control,          excessive alarm and so on. It is an ideal instrument for flow measurement and energy saving.



Simple Structure

Light weight

High accuracy

Good reproducibility

Sensitive response

Easy installation and maintenance


Product Application

Widely used for measuring the closed pipes and stainless steel 1Crl8Ni9Ti, 2Cr13 and AI203, corundum hard alloy do not corrode, and no fiber, particles and other impurities. When working temperature,          kinematic viscosity should be less than 5 * 10-6m2/s liquid. When kinematic viscosity greater than 5 x 10-6m2/s liquid, can label flow meter actually before use


Technical Parameter

Standard turbine flowmeter (JB/T9246-1999)

Instrument caliber& connection methods:

4, 6, 10, 15, 20, 25, 32, 40 with threaded connections;

15, 20, 25, 32, 40) 50, 65, 80, 100, 125, 150, 200, flanged connections

Precision grade: + 1%R, + 0.5%R, + 0.2%R (customize)

Meassure Range:           1:10, 1:15,

The instrument body material: 304 stainless steel or aluminum

Impeller:                           anticorrosion ABS or high quality aluminum alloy

Converter:                       cast aluminum

Usage Condition:            medium temperature: -20℃~ +80℃

environment temperature: -30℃~ +60℃

Relative humidity:            5% ~ 90% Atmospheric Pressure: 86KPa ~ 106Kpa

Working Power Supply:       A: power supply: +24VDC + 15%, ripple≤5%, suitable for 4 ~ 20mA, pulse output, RS485 etc.

B: 1 group 3.0V010AH lithium battery, the battery voltage can work normally from 2 to 3.0V

Overall power consumption A: external power: < 1W

B: Internal power supply: average power consumption≤1W, more than three years of continuous use

Analog output:               pulse signal, 4 ~ 20mA current signal, control signal

Communication output:       RS485

Real time record, Start and stop record, diary, fixed time interval record

Internal thread:         M20*1.5 of or user self determination

Explosion-proof grade:  ExdIIBT6 or ExiaIICT4

Protection grade:       IP65


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