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China MS Candles Company.  candle manufacturers
We produce candle products over 20 years, and 20000+ sqm candle factory. Big factory, cheaper price, quicker production time, we believe we can be a best choice for your OEM & ODM candles. scented candle manufacturers
And we almost can custom made all types candles, welcome to contact us for your candle products.  
The finishing touch
A tower made of glass candles can push all parties into a new climax. The candle cup is affordable, so you can leave more money to buy other items.
How to choose a good quality wedding candle?
Most of the wedding candle selections are meant to be beautiful red and ochre, yellow, white, etc. There are many choices in choosing the style. There are also many shapes. Animals and plants, Barbie, stars, heart shapes, etc. Common is the long column candle. There are also glass and metal bottom cover modeling candles and so on. So how do you choose a good quality wedding candle?
First, high-quality wedding candles should not be deformed in summer. Will not fade. Can be kept for a long time. If the candle is dusty, wipe it with a clean, damp cloth. Or you can wipe it with Vaseline. It will make the dusty candle look new.
Second, the higher the transparency. The better the quality. Good quality wedding candles. After ignition, the whole body should be transparent. The less the impurity content, the better the brightness. Such a candle is smokeless and has no peculiar smell. It is harmless to the human body. This is the green candle. A flashlight can be used to illuminate the candle when purchasing. Or take the candle under the light. Whether it is transparent or not is clear at a glance.
Wedding candle
Some candles are full of color and style, and these candles are especially suitable for creating an atmosphere in a wedding room. Red is still very suitable for the color of the wedding room, turn off the lights, a few red candles in the room, will definitely be able to fully interpret the romantic romance.
Third, with scented candles must pay attention, not the more fragrant the better, it is recommended to buy pure natural spices, otherwise some artificial flavors will cause harm to the human body. If you are not sure, it is safer to buy a smokeless and non-scented candle.

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