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Aromatherapy candles not only have to be bought, but also have to be burned
1. The first burning is very important!
If you want a scented candle to burn, look good. When you burn for the first time, be sure to wait until the surface of the candle is completely melted to form a smooth wax pool and then extinguish it!
Tim Rossi, the American fragrance brand Nest, said in an interview with Popsugar that wax is a memory. If you burn the whole wax pool without burning it for the first time, the candle will be extinguished. The place where it was first extinguished will not burn out any more, and over time it will form a deep hole.
However, as long as the complete wax pool is burned for the first time, it will be capricious in the future, because your candle has already remembered where the burning edge is.
2. Trim the wick before each burning
Eduardo Valadez of the French fragrance brand Diptyque suggests that the wick should be trimmed each time the candle is lit, leaving a length of around 5 mm.
If the wick is too long, the candle will be consumed quickly, and trimming will allow the candle to be used for a long time. Moreover, if it is not trimmed, it is easy to have black smoke, and the wall of the candle cup is easily blackened.
But why is it recommended to trim before burning, instead of cutting it after each burn? If the candle is not completely solidified when you trim the wick, it will be more tragic if the charcoal accumulated at the top of the wick falls into the wax pool. Don't ask me why I know so clearly? I will cry if I continue.
3. Let professional tools do professional things
Into the scented candle pit, you need at least three professional tools: candle extinguisher, igniter, and wick cut.

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