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China MS Candles Company.  candle manufacturers
We produce candle products over 20 years, and 20000+ sqm candle factory. Big factory, cheaper price, quicker production time, we believe we can be a best choice for your OEM & ODM candles.  candle factory
And we almost can custom made all types candles, welcome to contact us for your candle products.  wax melt manufacturers
Wedding candles are often used at wedding receptions. Because the theme wedding is now popular, the theme wedding will determine a main color, and the banquet will need to use the ubiquitous candle to match this color. Therefore, wedding candles do not need to be colorful but can be in various forms. You can also find matching candlesticks to enhance the taste of the entire wedding scene.
How about birthday candles? What should I pay attention to?
(1): The candle is the lamp 盏, and there is a lamp god in the shaman's fairy door. Especially on the day of the birth, the devout light will make a wish. The shaman stipulates how many birthdays, how many candles should be lit, but the actual situation is often not done by many people. There are taboos in the Samantha.
(2): According to the orthodox number, if there are fewer candles, how many lifespans will be lost, prefer not to be less or less. If you have a lot of candles on the cake, you can use a common lotus lamp instead of a flower. Because the flowers open nine products, see the Buddha everywhere, the light is shining, the victory is boundless.
(3): On the birthday cake, it is forbidden to ignite three candles, not including the three-year-old birthday. Because this is the candle of death, it is very taboo to ignite on our three candle birthday cakes in China.
Birthday candle
(4): There is still a little birthday candle that can't be burned out. After the wish, the birthday party can be blown out together with everyone. Throughout the law of all the lights, only the birthday candle needs to be blown out, which is exactly called stagnation. Block all the bad luck and incite the interference. As for the color of the candle, the color is good, it is not suitable for a single color.
(5): The more colors of birthday candles, the more colorful, joyful and peaceful life, but also the meaning of the world, the red dust life, the high heavens and the kings fly, the sea wide with the princes, everything unimpeded, and wishful. Shaman Xianmen advocated birthday candles.
(6): The birthday candle is only suitable for the birthday date. The wishing effect is also a special test. A person's birthday is not suitable for two birthday candles. No matter how many friends, there are more banquets, birthday candles can only be on the same day, and can only be ordered once.

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