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Precision Rework Soldering Station High Frequency 150 Watt For Circuit Boards Welding

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Price: 1000.00USD/Piece
Delivery: Shipment within 3 days since the date of payment
Address: China
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380kHz AV36V Precision Temperature High Frequency Soldering Station 150Watt



YMK High Frequency Soldering Station Character :

Not only suit for lead-free soldering, also suit for big solder joints soldering,fast & continuously soldering 
required low temperature soldering. no idle the high temperature,
When the moment to interaction the temperature will be go down, the superpower heating power can make the heat energy spurt out at once, and make the perfect solder, no cold soldering to cause the unstable connection problem.





Auto Sleep Mode Operation:


If you have been chose the working mode with “ auto sleep & auto shutdown” , it will be show “ ---“ in display if soldering iron not use for over 20 minutes, by now the temperature of soldering tip will be down to 200 °C if the setting working temperature greater or equal to 200 °C or down to 50°C if the setting working temperature below 200 °C , station will keep this temperature until recover the soldering.


There are three ways to wake up sleeping:

1. Turn off the power switch and then turn on again.

2. Press any button in Station.

3. Pick up the soldering iron.


Please attention that it can’t wake up If the Soldering station over 40 minutes in sleeping condition, soldering iron will cut off the power supply in automatically and no any showing in display.



YMK Soldering Station Specialty:


Winding adopts high temperature resistant high quality copper enameled wire enameled wire winding.
Power wastage loss less than 25%, electrical efficiency is as high as above 95%.
Reliability and security much higher than the switch power supply.

High quality ring transformer.
Rolled iron core uses the new high quality silicon steel sheet.
Unload current Only 10% from the EI type; no electromagnetic radiation and no vibration noise.



Soldering Station Arguments:


Power 150W
Output voltage AC36V,380KHZ
Temperature range 50~600 °C (depending on the mode setting)
Maximum ambient temperature 42 °C
Temperature stability ±2 °C (in still air, no load)
Housing Material Aluminum Alloy
Size 110*105*175mm
Net weight 2.6KG








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